Explore your dataset

Start by creating a folder dedicated to our module. On your computer go to My Documents and create a new folder entitled POLXXXX (XXXX indicates the code of our module). Go back to SurreyLearn and download the dataset in the folder. Go back to RStudio, create a new script file, name it Lab1.R.

The first two lines of your script file should include the following three lines.

rm(list = ls()) # This command will clean your workspace
setwd("~/POLXXXX") # This command will tell RStudio to read and save files at the folder POLXXXX

We can now start exploring our data. We can look the names of our variables with the names() function.


To see how our dataset looks like we can use the head() function


Let’s explore what people think about democracy

boxplot(EVS_UK$v137, main= "Attitudes towards democracy",
ylab= "Agree/Disagree")